Information and resources

It can be very difficult to hear that your child has TOF/OA. It’s natural to want to find out as much as possible. However we know from experience how easy it is to worry about issues that may never affect your child. We have developed information and resources on many aspects, from a simple explanation of TOF/OA to more detailed leaflets and factsheets. If you are new parent, we suggest you read our dedicated page for new parents, before going on to read our leaflets.

You can share experiences and hear about progress from other families with Chew, our quarterly newsletter for members.

Our book The TOF Child is aimed at parents and carers but is also useful for others, especially non-specialist medical professionals, like GPs or district nurses. You can buy The TOF Child direct from TOFS - it costs £13 to members and £15 to non-members (in the UK).

Just contact the TOFS office for full details:

Take a look at our leaflets and resources here.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, please contact the office. We also offer one to one help to our members on specific queries. However we do not offer individual medical advice to parents and work only in a supportive role.