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  • 2018 TOF/OA Awareness Week - Monday 9th July - Sunday 15th July

  • Published: Tue, 10th April 2018, 12:50:00 PM
  • Celebrate 2018 TOF/OA Awareness Week with TOFS!  

    We’re delighted to announce this year’s TOF/OA Awareness Week will be held on Monday 9th - Sunday 15th July 2018. We really hope, with your help, that it will be every bit as successful as those we have had in the past, with ever more people getting to hear about TOF and OA, and their implications in childhood and beyond.    

    We hope that by choosing a date toward the end of the summer term, TOFS members will easily be able to organise some awareness-raising events, and that the playgroups, nurseries etc will be willing to engage with us.


    Our aims and objectives this year

    Can you please help us to increase awareness in Early Years Settings i.e. playgroups, nurseries, or reception classes?

    We would like you to approach and talk to your local  Early Years settings.  The aim is to reduce the chances of our members realising that their chosen playgroup/nursery/school has no prior knowledge of what TOF/OA means, nor how to look after TOF children. 


    Please share Awareness on social media

    Please share our posts with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our hashtag is #TOF/OAawareness


    Awareness Packs available from the office soon

    We have some resources available to make this easier for you – leaflets and an exciting new Early Years postcard.  So please email and request your awareness pack(s) from the TOFS office. Please also arrange to go along to see your local groups.  Thank you so much.


    Other ways to take part

    We’re always amazed by the innovative ways members raise awareness for TOF/OA, and we’re looking forward to hearing your ideas for this year.   

    As always, one of our major aims for Awareness Week is that that parents find out about TOFS when they need us most … just after their TOF/OA baby has been born.  We’d be most grateful if you’re able to check your local hospital to make sure a TOFS poster is still on display, and please ask us to send you another one to replace it with if it’s getting tatty.  We still have lots of GP postcards too if you think your area has a GP’s surgery that will benefit from some TOF/OA awareness.    

    Please send your requests for resources as soon as possible via email to, and together, we will make the 2018 TOF/OA awareness week a huge success. Thank you very much.