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TOFS publish ‘Improving Health Outcomes for Adults Born with OA/TOF and VACTERL’ booklet

We are happy to announce the publication of our latest booklet to support our adult OA/TOF community.

There is increasing recognition that being born with OA/TOF may have complex, lifelong health consequences.

Our latest booklet, “Improving health outcomes for adults born with OA/TOF and VACTERL”, has been produced to help adults and teenagers moving into adult services to get the best possible care from their healthcare professional.

As well as giving an overview of OA/TOF and VACTERL, the booklet breaks down the symptoms, possible causes and treatments of common problems faced by those born with OA/TOF including oesophageal, gastro, ENT, respiratory and nutritional issues.

Why did we produce this resource?

We know that some of our adult members have had issues with their medical professionals having a lack of understanding of the consequences of OA/TOF and we hope this booklet will help.

The booklet is an abridged version of a new management handbook for primary care for those treating adults, which will be out in the Spring.

Additionally, we have launched a new online library for healthcare professionals that collects all our books and leaflets in one place. Please ask your GP to give permission for you to send us their email address so we can set them up with free access to the library.

How to get your copy.

Order your hard copy of the booklet from the TOFS shop here.

You can also read the booklet online and download your own copy here.

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