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The attraction of “Flourish” – a brand new way to repair oesophageal atresia

In the latest issue of our Chew magazine (available exclusively to TOFS members), we discussed a new technique to repair oesophageal atresia has successfully been carried out in Canada.

Named “Flourish”, the technique involves drawing the two unconnected ends of a patient’s oesophagus together using magnets.

Dr Sherif Emil is one of the few paediatric surgeons in the world to have carried out the procedure on a baby born with long-gap oesophageal atresia (OA).

We caught up with asked Dr Emil to find out more about how the procedure works, if it is the next “big thing” in repairing long-gap OA and how it feels to perform an operation that is such a new approach in paediatric surgery.

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