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TOFS 40th Anniversary Easter Raffle – Are you a winner?

We’re excited to announce the winners of TOFS’ 40th Anniversary Easter Raffle, thank you to everyone who supported TOFS by buying a ticket.

TOFS receives no government funding and relies entirely on donations and other sources of charitable income to fund our activities. The money raised through the Easter Raffle makes a huge difference to us and will help us continue our work in supporting those born unable to swallow.

Congratulations to our lucky winners:

Sony WF-C500 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds White – Wendy Holmes, Cheshire
4 x Alton Towers Tickets – Thomas Grant, Warwickshire
Huawei Watch Fit 2021 – Steph Winspear, Yorkshire
Lenovo Tablet M10 10.1 – V M Steel, Tyne and Wear
National Ice Centre Family Skating Pass – Debbie Fryer, West Midlands
£100 Fortnum and Mason Voucher – Fiona Mayo, Oxfordshire
£20 Asda Voucher – Jane Shaw, Essex
£20 Greggs Voucher – Ernest Towner, South Yorkshire
£20 Sainsburys Voucher – Juliet Beaumont, Essex
Cadburys Caramel Easter Egg – Margaret Cleverley, Gloucester
Cadburys Creme Egg Easter Egg – Katrina Tyler, Shropshire
Cadburys Dairy Milk Buttons Easter Egg – Helen Davies, Cheshire
Cadburys Mini Eggs Easter Egg – Sophie Smallwood, West Sussex
Cadburys White Chocolate Easter Egg – Fiona Mayo, Oxfordshire
Champagne, Red Wine and White Wine Gift Set – Irene Ferguson, Cheshire
Champagne, Red Wine and White Wine Gift Set – Kathryn Date, Lincolnshire
Hammond & Co. Ltd Wool Scarf – Vicky Sleaford, Lincolnshire
Jamie Oliver Antipasti Board – Bonita Singer, Middlesex
Kit Kat Chunky Salted Caramel Popcorn Easter Egg – Judy Riley, Bedfordshire
Lego Set – Andrew Lowes, Lincolnshire
Lindt Chocolate Selection – Eleonore McCandless, London
Next set of 7 fragranced votives – Phyllis Mallows, Lincolnshire
Prosecco Glasses Set – Sarah Minchin, Hants

Didn’t win in the TOFS 40th Anniversary Raffle?  There’s still a chance to win by signing up to play the Your Charity Lottery!  

Sign up for just £1 a week for a chance to win cash prizes, With the £1,000 guaranteed weekly jackpot, 80 x £10’s and the rollover of up to £10,000 to be won.

Signing up provides TOFS with vital funds to continue our work.

Pay for the year up front when you sign up and you will receive a free Lotte the Lottery Bear! With a new top released every year, you’ll soon have enough for a picnic!


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