A record breaking London Marathon for TOFS!

Story updated on 17 October, 2022 to reflect the new total!!

Wow! Please join us in congratulating our London Marathon and Virtual London Marathon runners on their fantastic performances yesterday. Our runners have so far raised over £26,000 £35,000 for TOFS! This is a record breaking total for us, and there is still time for it to go higher.

Thank you to:

  • Alex Lowe
  • Amy Gates
  • Andrew Muzika
  • Ashley Gates
  • Crystal Brook
  • Diane Stephens
  • Justin Merritt
  • Kevin Rolling
  • Laura Moore
  • Lyndsey Saunders
  • Richard Guest
  • Richard Breakwell
  • Ross Jarman
  • Ross Jeavons
  • Tom Davies


You can still donate to any of our runners via their personal fundraising page. Find out more at:

Support our Virtual Marathon Runners
Support our London Marathon Runners

And, if you’ve been inspired to run for TOFS in 2023, please let us know and register your interest.

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