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Graham Slater awarded the Esophageal Atresia World Award in Cincinnati

TOFS Trustee, Graham Slater has been awarded the Esophageal* Atresia World Award from EAT – the federation of member support groups for oesophageal atresia (OA).

The award was presented during the recent Quad conference in Cincinnati.

This is Graham’s second award this year following his EURORDIS Black Pearl Volunteer Award in January. The Black Pearl Awards recognize the outstanding achievements and exceptional work of people making a difference for the rare disease community.

Graham was born with oesophageal atresia in 1953. He became a Trustee of TOFS in 2008, and was TOFS Honorary Secretary from 2009 until 2022. From 2011 to 2021 he was the Chairman of EAT and has been a special patient advisor for EAT ever since.

Graham is also the co-author of TOFS’ position paper, “Towards a holistic model for the treatment of those born with esophageal Atresia (OA) from diagnosis to transition and adult care”.

* Why have we spelt oesophagus with an “E”? This is due to spelling differences around the world. So, in many countries OA becomes EA and TOF becomes TEF.

Graham Slater with his Esophageal Atresia World Award and Black Pearl Award
Graham Slater with his Esophageal Atresia World and Black Pearl Award

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