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Get involved with the next stage of the SaFE study

The next stage of the SaFE: Swallowing, Feeding and Eating in OA/TOF study is now open and we would like to invite you to take part.

SaFE is a PhD project being carried out by Alex Stewart, a speech and language therapist, alongside a team of researchers at Great Ormond Street Hospital and University College London. The study is fully supported by “TOFS” and is one of many research projects that we endorse.

You may remember that in November/December 2020 an online forum took place on Facebook. The researchers have looked at everything that was said and now want to understand some parts in more detail using a questionnaire. The questionnaire focuses on how OA/TOF feeding difficulties affects parents.

Research has already shown that caring for a child with OA/TOF can be anxiety-provoking. We would like to understand how much of a part feeding difficulties play in this.

The researchers hope that understanding the full extent of what families are dealing with will help health professionals provide the best possible care.

To take part in this latest stage of the study, please visit –

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