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Online mutual support via Talk with TLCs

This year we’ve had great success with our program of ‘Talk with TLC’ events.

These events are interactive online sessions where TOFS members are able to share their share tips, coping strategies, and advice in a small, intimate group setting. 

The first of these events took place on 11 July and was on the topic of ‘Weaning and Feeding Issues’ and hosted by TLC for South-East London, Rebecca Golding, (mum to Isabelle, born with OA/TOF).

14 families attended the session and we discussed important topics such as how to begin weaning and how to recognise and cope with stickies.

Our second session in September focused on ‘Starting Nursery, Preschool and School’, hosted by Cara Macdonald, (TLC for East of England and mum to Barnaby, born with long gap OA) and Naomi Webborn (TLC for South Wales and mum to George, born with OA/TOF).

This was a hugely popular session, which helped 17 families, mostly those looking at finding the first childcare setting for their very young children.

Both sessions were very well received with parents feeding back to us on how useful it was to hear about the experiences of other parents of children born with OA/TOF.

A huge thank you to the TLC volunteers who facilitated these sessions.

We are currently working on our program of interactive events for 2023 – including a session on ‘Teens and Transition to Adult Care’ – and welcome feedback on shaping these sessions and possible useful topics to be discussed.

Please contact us if there is a particular subject you would like discussed.

And, don’t forget, if you would like some ‘local’ support we have TLCs all over the UK. Visit the TLC section of members website to find their contact details or complete our request form here.

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