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Watch: Reflux related issues in in children born with OA/TOF Q&A

Our latest Q&A session, “Reflux related issues in children born with OA/TOF”, is now live.

Thanks to Mr. Iain Yardley, Consultant Neonatal and Paediatric Surgeon & Head of Paediatric Surgery at Evelina London Children’s Hospital, who joined us to answer your questions.

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00:00 Welcome

01:10 What is reflux and why is it important?

04:48 So how long does it reflux last, and can it return if it does settle?

07:08 What are the specific symptoms of reflux?

08:56 Is dribbling the symptom of reflux in infants?

09:27 What are the symptoms of reflux in older children?

10:39 Can reflux affect milk teeth?

11:09 What are the potential problems of long-term night time reflux?

11:51 My child is on medication but wakes most nights crying with reflux. Is there anything we can do?

14:17 What is silent reflux?

15:52 Can reflux be managed without medication or surgery?

17:58 Are there other medical options?

20:27 Should all OA/TOF children be on omeprazole?

22:36 Would oesophagitis be a trigger for starting medication?

24:36 When and how can medication be stopped?

27:24 Will someone with long gap atresia always have reflux?

28:00 Are PPIs safe for long term use?

32:01 Can I probiotics be used when taking a PPI?

32:23 Can dysmotility affect the whole GI tract?

33:44 Can eating standing up help with reflux?

34:42 How do you feed a one-year-old with dysmotility?

37:01 How is reflux affected by having a gastric pull up?

39:31 Is fundoplication a permanent solution to acid reflux?

44:23 Is there a link between osteoporosis and PPI use?

46:24 Can reflux affect your oxygen saturation at night?

46:57 Is waking up thirsty at night a sign of reflux?

48:03 Does medication like Gaviscon act as a PPI?

49:36 What is the best way to reduce or stop PPI use?

51:09 What is the impact for people who have had colonic interposition with no lower oesophageal sphincter to stop reflux?

52:39 Syrup or tablets. Which works better for babies under 6 months?

53:41 Is Domperidone still prescribed?

57:15 Can being fed via a jejunal tube affect reflux?

58:17 Any tips on managing dysmotility?

58:48 How often should people be checked for Barratts Oesophagus?

59:27 My baby gets sick when I stop his PPI. Do they have severe reflux?

1:00:14 Would probiotics improve the gut biome?

1:00:46 Are there a test to check motility in the oesophagus?

1:01:37 What is the maximum recommended dose of omeprazole in children?

1:02:53 Can reflux cause gagging and feeding aversion?

1:03:24 Can PPIs cause upset stomach and gas?

1:03:36 Can we stop PPIs after a successful fundoplication?

1:04:53 Can reflux cause an additional stricture lower in the oesophagus?

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