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Meet your 2024 RideLondon team

We are happy to announce TOFS 2024 RideLondon team!

  • Richard Moore
  • Bhaskar O’Shea (own place)
  • Ricky Roberts
  • Mark Russell
  • Andrew Wasley
  • John Jarrett
  • Ross O’Driscoll
  • Ioannis Koletakis (own place)

Please read on to see their stories and consider supporting them via People’s Fundraising.

Feel free to come along and support our riders. Pop along to our official cheering station and make some noise! Click here for details on where to find us (or scroll down).

Richard Moore

In 2012, our daughter Lily was born without much of her oesophagus. The condition, OA/TOF was identified the day she was born and so started the journey that began with ambulances, surgery and intensive care, that now outwardly appears like nothing ever happened.

Part of the reason for her incredible outcome with this condition was the invaluable support of the TOFS charity. Connecting us with experts and specialists as well as parents also experienced in this rare condition meant we were able to learn so much and get the best possible help, guidance and techniques to guide her through the early years.

Amazing moments such as the first time she was able to swallow difficult foods, manage her own eating and now inhale platefuls of pretty much anything are a testament to the help we’ve received from TOFS.

I ran the marathon for them back in 2014 and now, almost 10 years on, want to do my bit again in the 100 mile (160km) bike race “RideLondon” for them.

This is a small charity for a rare condition. And, as such it doesn’t get nearly the amount of funding that it could, compared to bigger charities. So many new parents of OA/TOF kids are right now going through anxiety, worry and blind spots that this charity can help them with. Do consider donating a little to help them and I promise to never let up when my legs start to burn!
Your support and donations make you all so awesome!

Richard Moore

Bhaskar O’Shea

After already conquering London on foot (by completing the 2023 London Marathon for TOFS), Bhaskar has decided to take it on by bike too!

Using his own place, Bhaskar is riding the 100 mile course in support of TOFS and his nephew who was born with oesophageal atresia.

London Marathon 2023

Ricky Roberts​

Hi, I am Ricky. Father of 4, my youngest, Chester, was born in December 2020 with OA/TOF. He underwent surgery at 2 days old to separate his fistula and to connect his long gap, this was followed by 10 further surgeries over the 1st year of his life.

Prior to Chester’s birth my wife and I had no idea of this condition. We were informed he had been born with OA/TOF and were pointed towards TOFS for information and support. We relied heavily on the charity’s materials to educate our selves on what the future had in store for the whole family.

I am taking part in RideLondon-Essex 100 as I am a passionate cyclist of all forms and I love a challenge.

This will tick another event off alongside riding John o’Groats to Land End, running the London marathon twice and completing many half marathons for different causes over the years.

Chester is larger than life and loves to ride his bike. He never lets his conditions hold him back and by the age of 2 ½ already had his first gold medal at a balance bike downhill event, was riding his pedal bike and loved riding the ramps at the skate park.

He will be in London cheering me on with my wife and 3 daughters and I will be thinking off them all, especially him during the 100 miles, desperate to see him at the finish line.

I feel so grateful for this place in the event and the opportunity to give something back to such an amazing charity which we rely on heavily, and believe we always will.

Ricky Roberts

Mark Russell​

My son Caleb was born in July 2022 with OA/TOF.

Within hours of being born, Caleb was taken from Darlington Memorial Hospital to the Children’s hospital at the RVI in Newcastle where he underwent corrective surgery.

The whole experience in those first few days was frightening, but thankfully we had a whole support network around us that provided everything we needed.

Caleb then went on to have an Aortopexy to try and improve his Tracheomalacia, again at the RVI. Thankfully it helped and he improved.

As all parents of children born with OA/TOF know, you go from one issue to the next. Blue episodes, paramedic visits, stressing about weaning. It’s a lifelong journey.
Thankfully TOFS is with us all the way and has been an enormous source of support and information.

I was excited to get the message from TOFS that I had been selected to represent them at the 2024 Ride London 100 Mile event. It gives us an opportunity to try to give something back.

I’m a keen cyclist but since the arrival of the little ones I’ve not had the time I used to. So this is going to be a tough challenge! I look forward to meeting my teammates and providing support.

mark russell
mark russell

Andrew Wasley

I’m taking part in RideLondon in support of TOFS. TOFS is a charity which means a great deal to me and my family, As our son, Matthew now aged 34 was born with OA/TOF.

A talented footballer at 6’4 and he’s gone on to own his own estate agency in Gloucester and is a father of a lovely daughter with another child on the way. I hope this gives hope to those parents of children who have challenged with OA/TOF, as Matt has not allowed his condition to stop him from achieving things in life.

Andrew Wasley riding for TOFS

John Jarrett

Our son Ben was born in June1986, 7 weeks early and weighing just 3lb 5oz. A rare condition, OA/TOF (Oesophageal Atresia / Tracheo-Oesophageal Fistula) was quickly diagnosed, along with additional complications causing a blockage in his bowel. This required major surgery at less than a day old, carried out by a brilliant surgeon at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford.

Ben’s early years were very challenging, both for him and us, with mealtimes especially difficult, and the later onset of the ‘TOF Cough’ causing us all many sleepless nights. Regular visits to both doctor and hospital became a part of our lives, with various bits of food (and non-food!) becoming stuck in Ben’s oesophagus, requiring endoscopic removal under anaesthesia. This included a memorable trip to Montreal Children’s Hospital during a visit to family in Canada when, unbeknown to us, Ben helped himself a piece of steak off a BBQ which promptly became stuck!

During Ben’s first year we were introduced to the TOFS charity, where we were able to meet and share experiences with other families going through similar issues with their own TOF children. These get togethers were invaluable and, together with the information and support provided by the charity, really helped us through those early years, something we’ve never forgotten.

Ben’s swallowing difficulties became less and less as he grew older, and today he just takes a little longer than the rest of us to finish meals (probably with the words ‘chew Ben, chew’ still resounding in his ears!).

Whilst the TOF cough is no longer an issue, when Ben does get coughs & colds we are reminded of those early years and the wonderful support provided by TOFS, a relatively small charity that needs all the help it can get. Hence why I am taking on the Ride London 60 mile challenge in May 2024 to give a little back to the charity by raising some much needed funds. I hope you can support me in my efforts, and any contribution you can make, no matter the value, will be hugely appreciated.

Many Thanks!


John Jarrett
John Jarrett
John with his son Ben and Grandson
John with his son Ben and Grandson

Ross O'Driscoll

Our beautiful son Hugo was born with OA/TOF 8 months ago. As with most parents who have a child born with OA/TOF this was completely new to us and a condition we knew nothing about. The TOFS charity and resources have been invaluable to us in navigating this and so we want to help in raising funds for the charity and spreading awareness of this rare condition.

Hugo had a challenging start to life with having to undergo surgery the day he was born, followed by a 17-night-stay in Temple Street Children’s Hospital where his team took such wonderful care of him and us. Thanks to his incredible mother Clodagh, healthcare team, our extended family and friends, he is now thriving.

Hugo, you are an absolute fighter and we are in complete awe of you every day. You are the happiest little man with the most beautiful smile that lights up every room. There is no greater joy in this world than watching you grow and thrive every day. We couldn’t be prouder to be your parents.

Ross O'Driscoll
Ross O'Driscoll

Ioannis Koletakis

Ten years ago we were blessed with the birth of our youngest son, Emmanouil. We were not expected though that out beautiful baby had a very serious, life threatening rare congenital malformations of the gullet and windpipe.

Emmanouil was born with Oesophageal Atresia and Tracheo-Oesophageal Fistula, his food pipe was connected to his windpipe and not to his stomach, meaning Emmanouil was unable to swallow. He had to undergo a long and serious surgery within a day of his birth. Since then Emmanouil had gone through many medical procedures to keep his oesophagus wide so he can eat without choking. He has always been strong and smiley giving us strength and hope that he will be healthy and live a long and happy life.

Last year I ran the London marathon for TOFS a charity that supports those born unable to swallow and raised £3,075.

This year I will participate on a 100mile cycling challenge at the 2024 Ford RideLondon – Essex to further raise funds for TOFS.

I have just another few weeks to train and get ready physically and emotionally for the race. Cycling for a cause like this, for my little hero will give me the motivation, and will be an honour.

Ioannis Koletakis

TOFS cheering point, Sunday 26 May 2024

The TOFS cheering point will be at Woodford Green. This is a point which is on both the 100 mile and 60 mile versions of the route.

All riders will pass this place twice. We will be very close to the final refreshment / welfare stop, Sir James Hawkey Hall in Woodford Green.

Our aim is to set up flags and banners at cheering points A and B on the map and in any case within 200 metres of the junction of Chingford Lane and High Road Woodford Green.

Initially, we expect to be active at cheering point A, most easily seen as cyclists approach outbound from London.

Later on, we expect to move over to point B, most easily seen on the inbound route.

Cheering point is 17.6 miles from the start of the ride and 15.5 miles before the finish.

Click here for a link to Google Maps showing the area.

TOFS RideLondon Cheering point

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