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Meet your TLCs

Our TLC volunteers are all experienced OA/TOF parents and vital to the support TOFS provides members all across the UK, they liaise with hospitals, represent the charity at conferences and events and connect with the community through online events and local informal meet ups.

We caught up with some of them to ask them about their experiences of being a TLC.

Thank you to all our TLCs for dedicating your time to TOFS – Ali, Anna, Bruce, Cara, Claire, Jenny, Kay, Laura, Naomi, Rebecca, To’neill and Tracey – you are amazing!

“Snowfall”, the song featured in the video, was composed by Bruce Rennie, TLC for Edinburgh, and is based on his own feelings of being a parent of a child born with OA/TOF.

Bruce said, “I am very glad to be able to contribute something that you can use in this way. It took me a long time to distil my experiences of those first steps in “OA/TOF World” into a song, so I am happy that people like it. If others can take something of worth from it, that’s the best thing for me.”

To hear the song in full, please visit Bruce’s SoundCloud page here.

If you would like support from a TLC, you can find their contact details in the members section of the TOFS website. Alternatively, if you would like to become a TLC yourself, please contact the office via

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