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New celebrity ambassador for TOFS

We are excited to announce that Tom Bright, the renowned singer/songwriter has joined TOFS as a celebrity ambassador. 

Some may have heard Tom’s story as he was featured on the One Show last year with his mum and TOFS’ patron Prof Lewis Spitz, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the NHS. Tom has a very personal connection to the OA/TOF cause, as he was born with both conditions.

Whilst Tom’s father was serving with the British Army in Germany, Tom was born with OA/TOF. He underwent a number of operations there, but developed multiple recurrences of the tracheo-oesophageal fistula, and he was transferred by air ambulance to Great Ormond Street Hospital at the age of six months. Over the years, Tom’s family have found immense support and resources through TOFS and Tom wanted to become an advocate for the charity.

Prof Spitz told TOFS: “Tom underwent a number of major procedures and his post-operative course was punctuated by repeated chest infections and swallowing difficulties. Throughout all of this, Tom’s mother was remarkably supportive of the surgical and nursing team and Tom has coped incredibly well, overcoming many problems and forging a successful career and marriage. I’m delighted to hear of his new role in the charity.”

Tom joins BBC Interior Design Masters competitor, solicitor and actress, Charlotte Fisher, as a celebrity ambassador for TOFS, and will help us to raise awareness of OA/TOF and help us promote the difficulties that some born with the condition face in adulthood along with the lack of cohesive collaborative care for adults born with the conditions.

Tom said “Since last year’s One Show feature, I’ve received lots of contact from fellow former patients and parents of new babies and children with OA/TOF. When you’re in a battle like this one, I think it’s really empowering to see that there can be a healthy life lived after the turbulence. I hope that as someone who has had to overcome, and still works on overcoming, everyday hurdles fellow OA/TOF sufferers go through, it’s a great honour to help raise awareness of TOFS and the great work they do for this community”.

With Tom’s passionate voice and lived experience, we hope our partnership can make a significant impact and improve healthcare outcomes for those affected by these conditions.

"'s a great honour to help raise awareness of TOFS and the great work they do for this community."

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