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Clare Johns

Clare is a wife and Mum of two children; one of which was born with OA/TOF in 2018. They live in Cheshire and enjoy spending time as a family walking their dog Ted and visiting the zoo.

As well as working in Change Oversight, she became a Trustee for TOFS in 2021 after volunteering at the newly formed Fundraising Working Group (FRWG) to help launch the lottery, teddy toddle and other income generating activities. Clare now chairs the FRWG and works closely with our CEO and Treasurer to ensure the group of volunteers focus their time on the areas that will add the most value..

Clare is an advocate for volunteering and when asked what advice she would give to anyone considering volunteering for a charity, she says:

“Go for it! As a volunteer, usually you can be involved in the area that you are interested in. Just speak to TOFS or the charity you are interested in volunteering for to let them know that you are interested, how much time you have and what skills you can offer.”

The satisfaction of volunteering your own time is second to none.

Clare Johns

A day in the life of a TOFS Trustee!

Clare Johns
Clare Johns
Clare Johns & family
Clare & family