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Graham Slater

Graham was born in 1953 with oesophageal atresia (OA) and is amongst the first survivors of OA thanks to the pioneering surgery of Mr Ambrose Jolleys at Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Before retirement at a relatively early age, Graham had a career in the Aerospace and IT industries. He became a Trustee of TOFS in 2008, and was TOFS Honorary Secretary from 2009 until 2022.

Besides his membership of the Finance sub-committee, he has for many years led our collaboration with medical professionals and researchers, both nationally and internationally, and chairs our Medical Liaison & Research sub-committee. Graham was also the first Chair of EAT and was also a Special Patient Advisor to EAT and in his work with INoEA and ERNICA. 

Graham is also a member of NHS England’s CRG Specialised surgery in children and was appointed to the board of directors of EURORDIS (Rare Diseases Europe) in 2023.

Graham and his wife live in Worcestershire.

News stories featuring Graham

Graham Slater with his Esophageal Atresia World Award and Black Pearl Award
Graham Slater with his Esophageal Atresia World and Black Pearl Award