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John Pearce

Honorary  Treasurer

John (with wife Alison) has been a member of TOFS since 1991, when their OA/TOF son was born. (He’s doing well now). The Pearces are still grateful for the superb support which they received from TOFS in the early 90s. John left work at an early age and volunteered as a Trustee in 2008, partly to repay that great support.

John has degrees in Engineering and Business Administration and became TOFS Treasurer in 2011, having previously served on the Finance subcommittee.

Over the years, John has led the Chew Editorial Board, the Conference committee, Finance subcommittee & Fundraising working Group, and Recruitment and staff management subcommittee, but he has managed to hand some of these on to other people.

John is a member of the Medical Liaison subcommittee, and represents TOFS to the TOAST trial team. On behalf of TOFS, he has attended various medical conferences.

The Pearces live in the South of England, in the Chiltern Hills.

John Pearce
John Pearce