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Julia Faulkner

Julia is a parent of a child born with OA/TOF and became a TOFS Trustee in April 2024.

Julia has been part of the TOFS medical advisory group since 2018, and later the Medical Liaison and Research groups.

‘I feel privileged to be able to give back to TOFS, and support the organisation with its on-going advocacy work. The TOFS resources, talks by medical professionals, and the understanding from fellow parents on the Facebook group really helped me in the early days’

With her background as a Paediatric Dietitian, Julia has shared her weaning experience and learning at a TOFS family conference, and written information on introducing solids.

Through her volunteering with TOFS she has been involved in research as a patient representative. In this work she has been able to link researchers together working on similar things, ultimately benefitting our community.

In 2021 Julia co-wrote the TOFS position paper with Graham Slater ‘Towards a holistic model for the treatment of those born with Oesophageal Atresia from diagnosis to transition, and adult care’.

Julia Faulkner - TOFS Trustee
Julia Faulkner - TOFS Trustee