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Webinar: “OA/TOF and the lost twin” hypothesis

21st February, 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm GMT

TOFS - lifelong support of those unable to swallow. OA/TOF

If you didn’t get chance to see Dr Charles Shaw-Smith and Dr Bryn Webb presenting their “OA/TOF and the lost twin” hypothesis at our recent “Improving Care in OA/TOF” seminar then don’t miss your chance to hear all about it and discover how you can get involved.

Dr Shaw-Smith and Dr Webb will be joining us live to give an update on the study which looks for specific tags or modifications seen on DNA in persons with OA/TOF, and, in particular, whether the presence of a DNA modification signature in affected individuals could support the idea that a ‘lost twin’ might be a factor in OA/TOF. 

Dr Shaw Smith explains, “Briefly, it has been known for some time that being an identical twin is a risk factor for development of OA/TOF.  Individuals with OA/TOF are more likely to be a twin, and furthermore, there is some circumstantial evidence to suggest that this risk factor applies even in cases where an identical twin was “lost” very early in pregnancy.

Until now, the means to investigate the possibility of a “lost twin” have not been readily available.  New research (to be explained in the seminar) now offers a possible way forward.”

Dr Charles Shaw-Smith and Dr Bryn Webb
Dr Charles Shaw-Smith and Dr Bryn Webb


21st February
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm GMT