TOFS is the largest support community for people affected by OA/TOF (oesophageal atresia with or without tracheo-oesophageal fistula). 

Join TOFS for free and get access to the world’s largest support network for OA/TOF.

Members receive:

  • Emotional support, friendship and practical advice from people who are in a similar situation
  • Direct support from TOFS’ Local Contacts (TLCs)
  • 3 copies of Chew magazine a year by post (UK only) or email – PLUS access to the Chew magazine archive!
  • Access to member only events and resources
  • Invitation to our annual conference
  • Advice booklets and publications
  • An opportunity to influence and inform research into OA/TOF
  • A voice in how the TOFS charity is run

Who can join?

Membership of TOFS is open to:

  • parents, carers and relatives of children born with OA/TOF/VACTERL or any oesophageal condition;
  • adults born with these conditions; and
  • interested medical professionals.

When you join TOFS, the optional medical information you provide helps us to build up a bigger picture of the OA/TOF condition. This will eventually benefit others in the UK and beyond. All our information is held securely and treated as strictly confidential. Any information used for medical research will be completely anonymous.