British Thoracic Society Meeting - 5th-6th December 2013 - Treatment Tips

Published: Fri, 6th December 2013, 08:01:00 PM
Dr Caroline Love, one of the TOFS Cherity Trustees has been attending the British Thoracic Society Meeting to help promote awareness of the TOF condition among medical professionals. These are some of the treatment tips she would like to pass on. 1) Laryngopharyngeal reflux- the reflux getting into your sinuses, sore throat, swollen tonsils etc that a lot of us get.Mr Mark Dawson, an ENT Dr from Doncaster and colleague of Prof Morice, said that the main damage and irritation here was due to the stomach enzyme (something that digests food) pepsin, not acid, and that chewing gum with bicarbonate in it (the tooth whitening ones) and Gaviscon Advance (not bog standard one) three times a day 10 mls with meals can help.2) Prof Morice said that he sometimes uses citalopram or trazadone antidepressants for chronic cough not responsive to his usual cocktail as they can make the oesophageal nerves work better.3) An oldie treatment revamped- a drug company has introduced a stronger version of the saline nebulisers, 7% rather than the current 0.9% which is more effective at breaking up thick mucus. I'm certainly considering it for when the gunk is just too thick to shift.I haven't checked how much of this is adult only, but most of the suggestions are pretty low toxicity stuff so I would imagine they'd be ok across the board, excepting the antidepressants

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