Run for TOFS in the 2016 London Marathon

Published: Tue, 6th January 2015, 01:57:00 PM
Yes!  We're already thinking of next year's marathon.  If you'd like to be considered for a place, please email  The formal application process will commence in August 2015 and runners will be announced Sept/Oct 2015.  We're amazed at how this year's runners have done - both in terms of time and their fundraising.  Please see some pics in the Photos section of our website.  Tracey Long and Nicola Cantrell, two of our 2015 Marathon runner tell their stories below.  You'll be able to read some more here in the next few weeks so watch this space. ‘In October 2014 I got the call from TOFS with the news that I had been chosen to run in the London Marathon. I immediately start telling everyone 'I'm in' to which they all reply 'You’re mad' and I realise why when I start running! Dogs have chased me. Pensioners on mobility scooters and children on micro-scooters have raced me down the street. They all leave me for dust and I spend a lot of the time falling on uneven paving stones and rogue twigs, with bleeding hands and grit in my knees. But I pick myself up, brush myself off, and keep going. My reasons for attempting my first marathon aren't totally selfless. Of course it's a personal achievement, and I'm also raising money for TOFS, but I'm ashamed to say I took carb loading to a whole new level eating 12 hot cross buns in one sitting – giving a whole new meaning to the term 'personal best'. All too quickly it was Sunday 26 April 2015 – the day of the Marathon. Despite everything I've said, I am excited – well to be precise, 1% excited, 99% terrified. Apparently, when I cross that finish line I will feel like I can do anything.  Right now, one day later, I'm not sure I can get to the kettle!   But when you are running over Tower Bridge there is nowhere on earth you would rather be and the thing that helps most is a positive attitude. It’s just one foot in front of the other, and as Bruce Springstein says.. Baby I was Born to Run … just very, very slowly!’ Tracey Long, TOFS Marathon Runner 2015   'We were sunning ourselves on holiday in Egypt in November 2014 when I received the email to say I had been selected to run the London Marathon for TOFS! I was excited, a little scared and also thrilled to be given the oppurtunity to do this - to raise money and much needed awareness for TOFS, and also as a personal achievment for myself. Yes, the training was hard, particurlarly in the winter months with the snow and hailstones! I got aches and pains and struggled to find the time to train what with having an active 2 year old, work and other commitments but it was definitely worth it on the day. Sunday 26th April 2015 seemed to come around very quickly and I can honestly say it was fantastic! I enjoyed the experience from start to finish - it is like a party atmosphere and the crowds really do keep you going. The best part for me was seeing my mini man (Tof) and family standing with the TOFS supporters in the crowd, this gave me a big boost and i saw them twice! Also, seeing them at the finish, getting a great big kiss and going for a slap up meal. Next year I am hoping to be there again, but as a supporter this time, cheering on our TOFS runners.' Nicola Cantrell, TOFS Marathon Runner 2015

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