Running for TOFS in the 2018 London Marathon - Tony Crofts

Published: Sun, 18th March 2018, 08:47:00 PM
Text TOFS18 £10 to 70070 to sponsor Tony now   or visit Tony's MyDonate page   'My wife and I were sat in the NICU when we heard the news about our son Bobby and I knew we had to do something; be pro-active, be positive. We had to to take something so harrowing, so frightening and so sad, and turn it around into something good. Our son being born so poorly, and being diagnosed with TOF/OA was the worst thing a parent could face, and spending months in the NICU whilst he awaited repair surgery and fought off numerous infections, felt even worse...  My wife and I began our fundraising for TOFS when Bobby was about 4 months old and have continued ever since. So, when the opportunity came to participate in the London marathon, I knew we had to grasp it with both hands. My wife is a natural runner and nags me frequently to run and train beside her, but the London Marathon is the ultimate challenge for a 6ft 4inch 18 stone firefighter... who (with those stats) is not a natural runner! This is a challenge that all my firefighter pals would tease me for even attempting, but a challenge that I can and will face because in comparison to what my son went through, 26.2 miles is nothing. It's possible. And I will turn the banter and jibes and mickey taking into sponsorships and awareness for the most amazing charity that has supported me and my family, and will no doubt continue to do so. The best part, when I successfully complete it, which I will, is ... I’ve been promised 26.2 pints in reward and in celebration! Now beer drinking is something I am a natural at!!!' 

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