Three Adult TOFs speak at TOFS' 2018 Adult TOF Seminar

Published: Thu, 21st June 2018, 12:11:00 PM
We were delighted to invite three TOF Adults who are doctors to speak at our Seminar held at Friends House, London on June 16th 2018. With their medical training and first hand knowledge of TOF/OA they offered a well-informed and fresh insight into various TOF/OA topics.

Dr Caroline Love

Dr Caroline Love spoke about what being a TOF has meant to her. Caroline is a doctor at a hospital in Northern England. She had an article about her TOF/OA (jointly written with Professor Alyn Morice) published in the British Medical Journal a few years ago.

Dr Harriet Tucker

Dr Harriet Tucker spoke about how being born a TOF has impacted her life. Luckily for Harriet, it hasn't affected her life as much as some people - Harriet raised a lot of money for TOFS in 2014 by running the London Marathon. Harriet works in Emergency Medicine in a London hospital.

Dr Vuokko Wallace

Dr Vuokko Wallace talked about psychological issues faced by TOF adults. Vuokko is a teaching fellow at the University of Bath. She is leading a current research project (supported by TOFS) ultimately aimed at making online psychological support tools available for those impacted by TOF/OA and some other rare diseases.

Snapshots about life with TOF/OA

In addition we presented a set of "snapshots" on a Powerpoint presentation of how TOF/OA has affected the lives of some twenty TOF adults to the Seminar. We intend to use these snapshots with the healthcare professions to illustrate how TOF/OA impacts the real lives of real people, and so add weight to the argument for improved treatment.

More information coming soon

Look out for more information about all of this - and all the other presentations given at the Seminar - in the next issue of the TOFS’ newsletter Chew, due out in late August.

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