Thank you for a hugely successful TOF Awareness Week 2018

Published: Thu, 19th July 2018, 12:10:00 PM

Many thanks for all your help in making TOFS Awareness Week a huge success.

We are so grateful to have been able to harness the collective force of our members. Between you, you have requested an incredible 600+ Early Years Postcards and delivered over 200 posters to hospitals, doctors' surgeries and nurseries! These will definitely make a real difference to families of small children with TOF/OA in your community. Thank you very much.

Read on to see other wonderful, creative ways in which our members have helped spread awareness.

We are so grateful to our members who took the time and made the effort to send their stories into their local papers. One of these stories has been shared nearly 1000 times, which is extremely impressive. All of this press coverage will definitely help smooth the way and help make life easier for families of small children with TOF/OA in these communities.

Our sincere thanks to you all.

In the near future we will be developing a Press area of our website where we can show examples of how you have shared your stories and helped promote awareness of TOF/OA.

Beautiful photos like these really help to spread knowledge about our charity. Thank you!

We were most impressed when one of our members, Claire, created a TOFS Facebook Frame, which many of you used on your profiles and persuaded your friends to use them too. We had a record 75 new members join our Facebook group in Awareness Week, which can only be attributable to our members spreading the word for us. Thank you so much.

If you are a member of our closed Facebook Group at can search on the topic 'Awareness' to see more events and photos from Awareness Week.

Thank you so much for spreading awareness by sharing our posts on Twitter and tweeting with the hashtag #TOFOAawareness. The photo is from just one of our members' garden parties held in perfect weather during TOFS Awareness Week. Our sincere thanks to everybody who took the time to do this for us.

Our Twitter reach is growing significantly; in fact over 13,000 people saw our Tweets in the 28 days from June 24th! 


In addition, thank you so much for sharing beautiful images and posts about our Awareness Week on Instagram too. It really did help to spread the word.
We would also like to thank our Adult TOFs and parents of Adult TOFS who very kindly took the opportunity during TOFS Awareness Week to give hope and inspiration to our younger TOF families.
This included a personal story about successfully getting pregnant despite health problems. Another inspiring story was about a tiny premature baby who only weighed at 1lb 6ozs at his birth in 1995. At that time, he was the lowest birthweight baby ever to have been repaired, and he is now a strapping, sports-mad 23 year old.

Thanks very much to you all.

Collages like this one make for eye catching, appealing images. Thank you so much!

We are sorry we can't show all of the photos, but you can see more on our closed Facebook Group at if you are a member.

Thank you to everybody for their kind permission to use the photos. 


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