TOF/OA Awareness Week, 9 -15 July, 2018

Published: Thu, 5th July 2018, 10:47:00 AM

TOF/OA Awareness Week, 9 -15 July, 2018 

We’re delighted with the enthusiasm with which our community have embraced this year's Awareness Week which started on Monday this week! Thank you very much.

We are hearing wonderful examples about how you are doing your bit to raise awareness and we are very grateful.

Examples include:

Mention on local radio

Thank you to Felicity Brown who contacted BBC Radio Manchester who mentioned our Awareness Week to their listeners at just before midday last Sunday.

Mention in local press

Catherine Phillipson got her story into the Hull Daily Mail which has been shared an incredible 898 times so far. Very well done Catherine! Would you be able to send a story like this to your local press too?

Facebook profile

Thanks very much to our member Claire Tennant who created a Facebook frame. Lots of people are using it in our closed Facebook group, and encouraging their Facebook friends to use it too.

Visits to hospitals, doctors and nurseries

We are delighted that so many of you have requested posters and postcards and are distributing them to local hospitals, GP surgeries and nurseries etc. Some of you have even created artistic displays. 




If you haven't done anything yet, not to worry. There is still time. You could do any of the following, which would be very much appreciated.


Increasing awareness in Early Years Settings – can YOU help?

Please approach and talk to your local playgroups, nurseries, and other Early Years Settings, including school reception class areas. The aim is to make life a bit less difficult for those members who discover that their playgroup / nursery / school has no prior knowledge of what TOF/OA means, nor how to look after TOF children. To help you do this we have leaflets, posters and postcards, all available by post or to download below. So please request your Awareness Pack from the TOFS office (email and arrange to go along to see your local groups. 


Please check your local hospital and GP's surgery

Please could you check your local hospital to make sure a TOFS poster is still on display, and ask us to send you another to replace it with if it’s getting tatty. We still have lots of GP postcards too if you think your area has a GP’s surgery that might benefit from some TOF/OA awareness.


Please share your story

Please share your story with your local press and local news websites. WE have a Press Release for you to use below, which you are welcome to personalise for your own story. If you use Twitter please use the hashtag #TOFOAawareness.


Other ways to take part

We’re always amazed by the innovative ways members raise awareness for TOF/OA and we’re looking forward to hearing your ideas for this year.


Please email us to ask for your Awareness Pack as soon as possible to, and together, we will make the 2018 TOF/OA Awareness Week a huge success.

About TOF/OA Leaflet

About TOF, OA and VACTERL Leaflet

Postcard for ypur GP

Postcard for your GP

Tea for TOFS invitations

Tea for TOFS invitations

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