EAT Covid-19 survey

Published: Mon, 20th April 2020, 01:31:00 PM

This phase of the study has now closed. We will provide further updates when it reopens.

Are you an adult TOF/parent of a TOF who has either a confirmed diagnosis or suspects they have contracted Covid-19? EAT has developed a survey, with endorsement by INoEA (International Network on Esophageal Atresia, the network of clinicians with a specific interest in EA), which aims to better understand the impact of Covid-19 and similar respiratory infections on those with OA/TOF.

Even if there is no suspected case of Covid-19, it would also benefit the study if you take part so that EAT has a confirmation that you have NOT been affected and can begin to build a bigger picture of those that are most at risk and their symptoms.

The survey is completely anonymous and can be accessed here


Why are EAT doing this?

Graham Slater, Chair of EAT says: "The COVID-19 Coronavirus is already the subject of scientific and medical research and we can expect more studies to be commissioned. 

Many of these studies will consider the epidemiological aspects of the virus and there will also be clinical studies into how COVID-19 has impacted different groups of patients (including those with pre-existing conditions or those born with a congenital malformation such as oesophageal atresia).

But we believe that it is also vitally important to capture the experiences of Esophageal Atresia patients themselves who have contracted COVID-19. The information and outcomes you report through this survey have the potential to assist clinicians and researchers in better understanding COVID-19 and its impact on patients, so that in any future outbreaks of this - or a similar disease - there is the prospect of improved treatments and outcomes."

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