Fantastic Q&A session on feeding and nutrition!

Published: Tue, 14th July 2020, 06:20:00 AM
Julia Faulkner - Paediatric Dietition and TOF mum

In the latest of our series of online Q&A sessions, TOF mum and Paediatric Dietitian Julia Faulkner, and Helen Marks, Speech and Language Therapist, joined us and answered a whole raft of members' questions.  A huge thank to them, and to those members who joined us via Zoom. 

Here's just a flavour of some the the questions posed, on members' behalf, by TOFS' chair, Duncan Jackson... 

When is the best time to start solids in a preterm baby with OA/TOF?

When they show signs they are ready; such as having good head and neck control, showing interest in food, putting things to their mouth and chomping down. Typically this will be somewhere between five and six months corrected age.

I’m a new mum, how do you tackle weaning when there is the potential for dysmotility?

Imagine food gets down the oesophagus by gravity to help you selecting first foods.  The easiest foods are thin purees.  Encourage sips of fluids in between mouthfuls to help move food down.  Model this behaviour so that your baby sees what to do.

Helen Marks - Clinical Lead - Speech and Language Therapist, (Acute Paediatrics), Bristol Royal Hospital for Children

Can you offer any ideas for progressing from purees?

Try finger foods first rather than lumpy foods.  Bite and dissolve snacks such as skips, wotsits and Organix puffs are great and the risk of choking is minimized as they dissolve easily when mixed with saliva.  Tinned carrots and green beans are also great.  Generally food pieces the size of oven chips are good for baby to hold and eat.

How do I get my TOF child to have more of a varied diet and gain confidence?

If confidence has been lost due to stickies/choking episodes go back to smooth purees and take things slowly.  Try not to put pressure on the child.  

How do I encourage chewing properly before swallowing?

Start with easy to chew foods  eg. Bite and dissolve or soft vegetables. Ask for a SaLT assessment if you are concerned about the swallow.

Please click here for more information about the resources mentioned during the session, and further information about transitional foods.  



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