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Possible link between OA/TOF and ‘lost twin’

TOFS invited parents who have had children born with TOF/OA to take part in this very short preliminary survey to better understand the possible link between these conditions and a ‘lost twin’. All mums were invited to take part, regardless of whether their TOF is still a baby, child, teenager or now a TOF Adult.

This excerpt is from from ‘The TOF Book‘ in the chapter written by Consultant Clinical Geneticist Charles Shaw-Smith:

“Data from one study showed that a child from a twin pregnancy is nearly three times more likely to have TOF/OA than a child from a singleton pregnancy… It is possible that some cases of TOF/OA occur in one twin where the co-twin was lost at an earlier stage of pregnancy and may not have been appreciated either by the mother or the doctors looking after her.”


Dr Charles Shaw-Smith and Dr Bryn Webb give an update on the study (Feb,2024)

Mr Smith also presented at the TOFS conference 2019 on the “Causes of OA/TOF – including the role of twins”

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