Possible link between OA/TOF and ‘lost twin’

TOFS invited parents who have had children born with TOF/OA to take part in this very short preliminary survey to better understand the possible link between these conditions and a ‘lost twin’. All mums were invited to take part, regardless of whether their TOF is still a baby, child, teenager or now a TOF Adult.

This excerpt is from from ‘The TOF Book‘ in the chapter written by Consultant Clinical Geneticist Charles Shaw-Smith:

‘Data from one study showed that a child from a twin pregnancy is nearly three times more likely to have TOF/OA than a child from a singleton pregnancy… It is possible that some cases of TOF/OA occur in one twin where the co-twin was lost at an earlier stage of pregnancy and may not have been appreciated either by the mother or the doctors looking after her.’

Mr Smith also presented at the TOFS conference 2019 on the “Causes of OA/TOF – including the role of twins”


The latest updates to this project will be shown here as we get them.