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Feeding and swallowing issues in children born with OA/TOF

Laura Baird, Lead Speech and Language Therapist, Cambridge University Hospital joined us to answer questions on the “Feeding & Swallowing Issues in babies & children born with OA/TOF”.

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00:00 Introduction

00:42 Our seems to have gone off food altogether. Is there a way of knowing whether this an issue with her swallow or a behavioural challenge we need to address?

03:09 Is it normal for children born with OA/TOF to take some time to get their food down?

04:38 Do you know any good resources for babies born with OA/TOF who also have allergies?

05:09 My baby is currently a little off with her bottles, could it be she needs to go up a teat size rather than a medical issue?

07:17 Why are some babies born with OA/TOF automatically given Speech and Language Therapists involvement for feeding and swallowing when other are not?

12:07 Any guidance for an OA/TOF baby with a gastric pull-up who is struggling transitioning from gastrojejunostomy to oral feeds?

16:36 Any suggestions for a premature baby taking up to a hour to feed by bottle and NG (Nasogastric) tube?

21:56  Any guidance on weaning a baby being fed almost exclusively via their gastrostomy tube?

24:03 What can people do at home to help improve swallowing if their child has a problem?

27:04 What is the best way to drink water for a 5 year old who has a problem drinking?

28:58 How do parents progress if their child has plateaued on certain foods still causing stickies?

30:41 What exactly happens when an OA/TOF child has a blue episode during feeding?

32:16 What’s the best way to educate a small child on how to chew and swallow food?

35:13 What are your top tips on starting weaning?

36:58 What is the best practice when introducing finger foods?

38:56 Would you recommend baby led weaning?

40:14 Is there a connection between speech delay and being born with OA/TOF?

42:51 Are feeding issues likely to last my child’s whole life or do things tend to get easier with age/growth?

44:41 Do we have to accept that stickies will always be an issue for babies born with OA/TOF?

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