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Play Video about Gastro and Respiratory information for Adults born with OA/TOF

Gastro and respiratory information for adults with OA/TOF

Welcome to TOFS “Gastro and Respiratory Information for Adults born with OA/TOF” Q&A session. For this session we were joined by Head of Respiratory Medicine and the Centre for Cardiovascular & Metabolic Research (CCMR) at Hull York Medical School, Professor Alyn Morice

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This video was recorded on the 29th June, 2020.

00:00 Introductions

Covid-19 related questions

01:25 I am in the highly vulnerable category and have been shielding for nearly 12 weeks, even though I didn’t receive an official shielding letter. Should I go back to work?

04:20 As an Adult OA/TOF, I don’t have many chest problems, do I still need to take extra precautions?

04:46 What suggestions do you have about returning to university?

05:14 I’m an H-Type OA/TOF, and have a few minor breathing difficulties should I consider myself vulnerable?

07:00 My daughter was found to have extra narrowing in her trachea. Given the respiratory nature of COVID is she vulnerable ? 

08:06 Might an OA/ TOF who does occasionally aspirate, benefit from Azithromycin at this time?

Cough related questions

10:25 Why do I cough when I am eating?

13:30 What can we do when A&E say “your numbers are good” after an aspiration?

15:10 Do you have any suggestions as far as cough suppressants are concerned?

17:20 Can you recommend any cough experts in Germany?

Medication related questions

19:20 I am allergic to Azithromycin. Is there an alternative?

20:58 Is there anything I can do to help with these side effects of Azithromycin?

22:23 Which medications you would recommend for an Adult OA/TOF with a TOF cough?

25:30 Should patients who have had a gastric transposition be monitored for vitamin and mineral deficiencies?

26:55 What are the side effects from taking PPI’s long term?

Respiratory exercises

27:47 Is it beneficial to purchase and use a Lung Incentive Spirometer?


28:48 I was recently diagnosed with H type OA/TOF. I have VACTERL. What should I expect post-op?

30:04 What is the general experience for people who have a colonic interposition?

Barrett’s Oesophagus

32:20 Should I be concerned about silent reflux and Barrett’s Oesophagus?


34:04 How does gastric transposition affect alcohol tolerance? OA/TOF

35:45 How can Adult OA/TOFs better manage their respiratory issues?

38:23 Should I have my Nissen Fundoplication re-done?

41:20 Would you recommend a scope for someone who has suffered from silent reflux?

41:57 What would cause a foamy reflux four years after a fundoplication?

42:33 During and after I eat, I get a thick mucus in my throat. What is it and how can I stop it?

General questions

43:22 Do you know of any specialists in Scotland who deal with colon interposition surgery?

44:00 My daughter has just had a thyroidectomy operation and now seems to have her TOF cough back. Is this normal?

45:25 Is smoking much more harmful to OA/TOFs compared to the general population?

46:36 I’m unable to be sick or bring up any mucus. Is this due to dysmotility?

47:35 Would you ever do an endoscopy just to check the oesophagus to see if it has grown or stretched?

48:27 I’m experiencing more food becoming stuck, especially bread. Will this deteriorate as I get older?

49:26 My 14 year old daughter has tracheomalacia and complains of her sore chest and breathlessness during exercise. Could she faint due to insufficient oxygen?

51:14 Are there any complications after H-type OA/TOF repair for non infants?

52:35 Can Botox injections in the oesophagus help with motility?

53:40 I’ve been told that I have no motility. Should I request to be put on Azithromycin?

54:04 Does a fundoplication have shelf life?

56:38 If someone has Barrett’s Oesophagus, would Azithromycin be preferable to PPIs?

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