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Gastro issues faced by adults born with OA/TOF

Welcome to the TOFS Q&A session on gastro issues faced by adults born with OA/TOF. For this session, we were joined by Mr Nick Maynard, Consultant Upper GI Surgeon at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. 

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01:57 Why may adults with OA/TOF develop silent reflux?

04:40 What are the long-term risks associated with aspiration caused by OA/TOF?

05:51 What are the risks and benefits associated with treating OA/TOFs for reflux?

08:09 Can you suggest anything for someone with out of control reflux although they’re taking a high dose of Esomeprazole?

09:31 What options are there for adults with OA/TOF who have severe reflux and a poorly functioning oesophagus?

10:56 At what point would surgical intervention become an option?

12:10 Should an adult with OA/TOF be scoped regularly?

13:22 Is there anything that can help with a stomach not emptying?

15:34 Would you recommend an endoscopy for someone taking PPI’s after having invasive procedures?

16:51 Should a child continue with PPIs if they have no reflux symptoms?

19:59 Are strictures mainly a childhood issue?

22:03 Does having eosinophilic oesophagitis increase the risk of Barrett’s Oesophagus?

23:56 What is the risk of Barrett’s Oesophagus if an OA/TOF does not take PPI’s?

24:45 How often is an esophagram recommended?

26:03 Are you aware of anyone with experience of undertaking repairs of colon interpositions in the UK?

32:53 How can an adult get a referral to a consultant if they’ve not had any issues since leaving paediatric care?

35:23 Which medication is recommended to help adults with slow stomach emptying?

36:18 Should adult OA/TOFs be offered regular screening?

37:56 Where can adult OA/TOFs speak to others with the same condition?

38:13 Could a cytosponge be useful in treating OA/TOFs?

40:03 Would you recommend an endoscopy for a healthy looking 16 year old OA/TOF?

40:55 What are the best methods to investigate motility in terms of choking?

43:25 Is surgery an option for someone with a grumbling appendix and endometriosis?

44:15 What is the prognosis for a 55 year old with an oa long gap repair?

46:20 How common is extremely dilatated oesophagus and tracheo-bronchomalacia in adult OA/TOFs?

48:14 Would you recommend a manometry or surgery for someone diagnosed with an oesophageal shelf?

52:10 How often should medication be reassessed and when will dilatations end?

54:29 How do i know which upper GI surgeons have OA/TOF experience and how does someone get referred to you?

55:46 Are hiccups an ongoing sign of reflux?

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