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Play Video about DLA, PIP, & benefits information for adults and children with OA/TOF

Information on applying for benefits for adults and children with OA/TOF (PIP, DLA)

In mid-June 2021, TOFS facilitated an online Q&A session about Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and Personal Independence Payments (PIP) for the OA/TOF community.

00:00 Start

04:10 What are PIP and DLA, and how can I improve my application to get the highest rate?

12:05 Who should I ask to complete the professional section of the form?

20:42 Am I eligible for Carer’s Allowance? Who can claim?

23:01 If awarded DLA/PIP, what other benefits should I look to claim?

29:25 Who can I approach for extra help in completing the application?

37:28 What is the process if a claim is rejected, or I want to appeal?

45:30 My child was on DLA lifetime award but didn’t transfer to PIP.

48:16 Is the process difficult to become an appointee for my 16 year old?

53:35 35 What do you recommend regarding DLA if your child appears to be getting better?

On the panel was Dr Kamran Ahmed, a GP in Wolverhampton. Dr Ahmed has worked with the Department of Justice as a social entitlement tribunal member and has an interest in the benefit system. He’s also father to Zayn (6) who was born with OA/TOF.

He was joined by Dr Caroline Love, a doctor and Adult TOF, working as an Associate Specialist in Dermatology at York Hospital. She has experience in applying for PIP for her patients with chronic illnesses.

The final member of the panel was Heather Doward, who has over twenty years’ experience of benefit claims; helping others as well as dealing with claims for her son, Robert. Heather is currently a moderator on a disability benefits Facebook group (Disability Benefits UK).

A summary of the discussion can also be read on our Benefits & rights page.

Information correct at time of recording (2021). Click here to read our disclaimer.

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