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Play Video about Managing the TOF Cough and Chest Infections with Dr Jane Heraghty

Managing the TOF Cough and chest infections with Dr Jane Heraghty

Dr Jane Heraghty, Consultant in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine at Evelina London Children’s Hospital joined us to answer questions on the TOFS Cough and Tracheo-oesophagel fistula respiratory health. [Tip: Use the quick links below to jump to any part of the video]

00:00 Introduction

01:30 Presentation: Tracheo-oesophagel fistula and respiratory health

01:55 OA/TOF anatomy

02:23 Normal airway anatomy

03:22 Tracheo-oesophageal pits

04:10 Tracheomalacia

04:54 Respiratory issues in OA/TOF children

06:45 History: Clinic proforma

13:08 History: Respiratory

15:38 History: Feeding

16:28 Examination

18:08 Investigations

20:51 Management

24:41 Management: Physiotherapy


29:45 Why is this year particularly worse than previous years for respiratory issues?

31:55 When would antibiotics be needed for a chest infection?

34:19 What guidance is there for a child who has had multiple chest infections but is already on medication?

36:40 What alternatives to antibiotics are there?

38:16 Is it possible to get pneumonia again?

39:49 Does having a sub epiglottic cyst worsen respiratory symptoms for a child born with TOF/OA?

41:03 Could having water or phlegm hanging around in the lower area of the throat be a sign of infection?

42:46 What would you suggest post Aortopexy with regards to chest infections, prevention and management without hospitalisation?

43:25 My baby has had 7 chest infections this year. Is there anything we can do?

45:04 How can I differentiate between a TOF cough, croup, or other chest infection?

46:49 How would you manage asthma alongside OA/TOF?

48:38 What would you recommend as the best saline or medication to use in a nebuliser when children have a cold or cough?

49:13 How can we help coughing without the need to result to steroids?

49:50 My daughter is taking co-amoxiclav and prednisolone steroids to help her manage her TOF cough. Is there an alternative regime you could suggest?

50:35 How can we better manage vomiting triggered by coughing?

51:50 How do we know if a cough is reflux related or chest related due to an infection?

53:04 My 3 year old’s cough when she has a cold is awful especially at night. What can we do?

54:19 Does using Vicks or Olbas Oil make any difference?

54:59 At which point should a child with a wet cough require antibiotics?

55:35 Any tips on how to encourage a child to take their medicine?

56:45 Can damage through multiple chest infections be reversed?

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