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Play Video about Respiratory management for children born with OA/TOF live Q&A

Respiratory management for children born with OA/TOF live Q&A

Laura Hopwood, Specialist Respiratory Physiotherapist, Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust joined us to answer questions from TOFS members on the subject of respiratory management of children born with OA/TOF.

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00:30 Is it beneficial for OA/TOF children to have regular respiratory physiotherapy?

02:19 Does respiratory physiotherapy pose risks for OA/TOF children?

04:13 What’s the best technique to use to help to remove mucus from the chest?

07:50 Presentation: Secretion removal techniques

14:33 Is there a way to decrease the time it takes to recover from a respiratory infection?

22:55 What’s the best remedy for a cough during the night?

25:14 What is the best indication of when antibiotics are required?

28:10 What can be done to help a child with tracheomalacia who gets out of breath quickly?

32:30 Are there any recommended exercises to help improve breathing after activity?

38:25 Any tips on encouraging a teenager to use their nebuliser?

43:27 Any suggestions for parents bringing their baby home for the first time?

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