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“One of the rewards of paediatric surgery is to see your patient again after many years and see them being a success in life.”
Watch Professor Lewis Spitz, paediatric surgeon and patron of TOFS meet up with former patient Tom Bright.
In celebration of the NHS’s 75th birthday, musician Tom Bright, visited GOSH for a special performance for staff to thank the pioneering surgeon who saved his life over 30 years ago.
Tom was brought to GOSH at just a few months old. He’d been diagnosed with #OA / #TOF – a rare condition which meant his oesophagus wasn’t connected to his stomach and part of it joined his windpipe.
He needed 20 operations in 18 months, and there were many days when his mum Karen worried she’d never see her baby grow up. But thanks to Professor Spitz and his team, her dream came true.
The meetings was captured on BBCs The One Show and can be seen in full on –

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