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Transition and lifelong management of OA/TOF

OA/TOF is often seen as a condition that only affects young children. However, we know that is not always the case and for many people with OA/TOF, complications can continue throughout their life.

TOFS were lucky to be joined by Professor Manon Spaander at our recent interactive adult OA/TOF virtual seminar. Professor Spaander is based at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the centre of expertise for OA/TOF in the Netherlands.

Prof. Spaander has been instrumental in setting up a specialist follow up clinic for the care of adult TOFS, recognising the need for lifelong care and shares her knowledge with us.

TOFS has issued recommendations to the NHS aimed at ensuring consistent lifelong multi-disciplinary care for people born with OA regardless of their age, or where they live in the UK.

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