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About the author

Dr Caroline Love qualified as a doctor in 1998 from the University of Liverpool. After an initial foray into psychiatry, her career has been spent in dermatology, and she has worked as an Associate Specialist at York Hospitals Trust since 2008. She has a Masters in Allergy from Imperial College London and specialist interests in telemedicine and psychodermatology.

Caroline was born in 1975 with type C OA/TOF and repaired by Miss Kapila at City Hospital, Nottingham. She has ongoing respiratory issues related to reflux and tracheomalacia, from infancy to the current day. The experience of navigating a healthcare system that is underinformed about OA/TOF and the long-term health issues that may occur caused her to become involved in the TOFS charity, and prompted the writing of the original leaflet for health professionals treating adults born with OA/TOF (along with another adult patient with OA/TOF, Sophie Smallwood). In consultation with the Adult TOF working group, Caroline has subsequently rewritten the content for the health professionals’ pamphlet (available in hard copy), along with this much more detailed online material.

Caroline continues to volunteer for TOFS, and makes a valuable contribution to the Medical Liaison and Research sub-committee, Pastoral Support sub-committee and the Adult TOF working group.

Dr Caroline Love
Dr Caroline Love