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Published external OA/TOF research

Research Papers

TOFS welcomes external research into OA/TOF and it’s related conditions. The below represent just a fraction of the research papers that we are aware of and are presented here in the hope that they can help promote further research into new areas.

TOFS members who may be struggling to get heard by their medical team may also find these papers useful in their ongoing care with their physician.

OA/TOF research

OA/TOF: Neonatal outcomes post surgery

OA/TOF: Procedures pre repair

OA/TOF: Procedures post repair

OA/TOF: Growth & nutrition

OA/TOF: Associated anomalies

OA/TOF: Respiratory

OA/TOF: Reflux and other gastro-intestinal problems

OA/TOF: Long Gap OA

OA/TOF: Brain development / educational development

OA/TOF: Mental health

OA/TOF: Genetics

VACTERL research

VACTERL: Renal / kidney disease


VACTERL: Developmental & psychological issues

VACTERL: Adult research

VACTERL: Links with other rare anomalies​