London Marathon 2023: Run with your own place for TOFS

Event date: Sunday, 23 April 2023​

If you have been lucky enough to secure a ballot place through TCS London Marathon, we’d love you to join the TOFS Team and help us support those born unable to swallow.

There is no minimum fundraising commitment if you are running for TOFS using your own place, but our own ballot place runners usually aim for £500-£1000, and achieve or beat it!

Please complete our short form so we can find out a bit about you and get you signed up to the TOFS Team.

tcs London Marathon - Run for charity - TOFS

About you

TOFS will support you by offering:

  • Someone to talk to: an experienced TOFS runner – who has run the London Marathon in the past;
  • A limited edition TOFS running vest with your name on to wear with pride on your big day;
  • Disposable rain poncho to keep you dry on the way to, and whilst waiting around at, the start;
  • Cheering from TOFS members with banners at a couple of pre-nominated spots along the route:  your family and friends are invited to join in at these cheering points; subject to spectators being allowed;
  • TOFS T-shirts or baseball caps for your supporters (limited numbers, upon request) so they have an amazing day too;
  • Access to the organisers’ pre-race support; and a social media group just for you, the TOFS runners;

Important Notes:
Please bear in mind that the organisers demand that you register in person in London during the four days leading up to the Marathon. Registration can be expected to close on the day before the Marathon, in the afternoon. 

Moreover, you will need to make all your own transport and accommodation arrangements. Note that getting to the start at Greenwich, early on the Sunday morning, can present some transport difficulties.

Please use People’s Fundraising who charge us much lower fees than some of the other fundraising platforms. This means more of your donations will be passed to TOFS.

Any Questions?

Get in touch or give us a call on 01159 613 092.