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These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with our Privacy statement.

About us

This website is published and operated by T.O.F.S., which is also commonly known as TOFS and was originally known as Tracheo-Oesophageal Fistula Support.

TOFS is a UK based not-for-profit organisation registered both as a charity with the England and Wales Charity Commission (Reg. No 327735) and as a Company Limited By Guarantee with UK Companies House, Reg. No. 2202260.

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Your use of the TOFS website

You are bound by these terms.

By accessing the TOFS website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, which are to be subject to the laws of England, which is the home jurisdiction of TOFS. Please do not access the TOFS website if you do not wish to be so bound. This website and its content are intended to be used by persons aged 18 years old or more.
TOFS may update these terms and conditions from time to time without giving you notice.

Information only, no advice

This website exists principally to provide, for the benefit of patients, a considerable volume of patient-focussed general information about healthcare for those affected by Oesophageal Atresia (and related) conditions.

Some of the information included within this website is in the form of anecdotal experiences of individual OA patients and their families. Unless explicitly stated in those contributions, the authors hold no relevant qualifications. It should not be assumed that successes reported in one case will necessarily be repeated in others.

TOFS is not engaged in the practice of medicine, and none of the information on this website is intended or offered as medical advice and is absolutely not a substitute for the patient’s individual consultation with qualified healthcare professionals who are fully informed as to the patient’s medical history, individual situation and needs.

Similarly, TOFS is not engaged in the practice of financial or benefits advice. For all financial or benefits guidance, individuals should consult a qualified adviser, sometimes available via a Citizens advice Bureau.

Information to be found on this website, or posted by us on a third party website (e.g. YouTube), is focussed on current practices and norms within the UK. If you do not live in the UK, some of the information provided via us may not be appropriate or permissible in your country. Additionally, you (not TOFS) are responsible for complying with local laws, including those which may relate to use of this website, in the country from which you access our website.

Moreover, the medical nomenclature and spellings herein conform to UK norms rather than any others. Any person making any use of any information provided via this website accepts full responsibility for doing so and any consequences thereof.

Where content on this website originates from third-party contributors (credited by name in that content and not staff or trustees of TOFS), any opinions expressed in that content are those of the contributors themselves, and not necessarily those of TOFS.

Due care taken, “as is” basis, but no liability

Considerable care has been taken in the assembling of the material on this website, with all healthcare-related information being checked with an appropriately-qualified professional. But TOFS does not give any warranty (whether expressed or implied) of the completeness, appropriateness or accuracy or timeliness of any content to be found on this website, or in any of the external resources (or other websites) to which this website refers or to which it is linked. TOFS will not accept any responsibility or any liability for any errors or omissions in the information herein (or in referred-to or linked external resources or websites) or any consequences that may have arisen from the use of such information, or from an inability to use it.

Moreover, TOFS makes no promises about availability of this website and does not warrant that it is free from defects, faults, viruses, malware or other harmful elements. Please report any such apparent defects to TOFS.

Making purchases or becoming a member or making donations – GDPR

Some parts of this website make it possible for users to purchase items from TOFS and to order free of charge (to members) items. Note that TOFS imposes certain additional terms and conditions of supply.

Other aspects of this website enable users to become a member (full or associate) of TOFS which confers certain benefits, including additional content. Because these areas ask you to provide data unique to you, you are asked to note further terms and conditions (in the form of our Privacy Statement) most notably relating to our protection of your data if you visit such areas.

Please read our Privacy statement to understand how we use any data you provide.

Your use of the content of our website – TOFS Copyright, all rights reserved

Information on this website is provided exclusively for your personal non-commercial use. You must not alter any TOFS information. For all content, TOFS either owns the copyright or has permission to use the material from its copyright holders. If you wish to make use of or to link to any part of our website or the resources available through it (for instance videos, or the TOFS logo) you must obtain permission from TOFS.

Any attempt by a user to alter this website or its content, or to otherwise interfere with its proper operation will be a breach of these terms and conditions.