Feeding and Nutrition Q&A for OA/TOF Children

13th July 2020

Welcome to the TOFS Feeding and Nutrition Q&A session with Paediatric Dietician (and TOF Mum), Julia Faulkner and Speech and Language Therapist, Helen Marks.

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00:00 Start

01:25 Introductions

02:50 When is the best time to start weaning?

03:48 Where to start when you are anxious about choking or food getting stuck.

04:44 Weaning a baby with potential dysmotility issues.

06:04 How do I progress my OA/TOF child on from purees?

08:40 How to move on to more solid foods.

10:36 How do I get my OA/TOF child to eat a more varied diet and build their confidence?

11:57 My child eats crunchy food OK but struggles with soft foods.

14:04 How do we balance the child’s relationship with food against meeting their feeding developmental milestones?

16:44 Which foods are safe for OA/TOF children?

17:42 Can TOF babies have things like chia seeds in their food?

18:41 Can we give tiny bite-sized sandwiches?

20:25 Can we give solid foods as popsicles if we haven’t had our pre-solid food check-up?

21:56 How do you introduce new foods to a toddler that is becoming fussy?

23:50 What is the best way to serve apples and pears to my OA/TOF?

25:13 Should I offer alternatives if my OA/TOF won’t eat what I have given them?

25:46 How do I encourage chewing and swallowing properly?

27:06 How do I tell the difference between a sticky and their normal TOF cough / weaning gag?

29:48 What impact on feeding does stridor associated with tracheomalacia have?

31:27 What can I give my OA/TOF for lunch in nursery?

33:37 Is there anything I can do to encourage my gastrostomy fed child to take a bottle?

34:56 Who do I speak to if I am worried about my child’s progress with feeding?

35:56 What should I do if my child isn’t interested in food?

36:38 How can we help our OA/TOF to develop her speech?

38:27 How do you know when your OA/TOF child needs a stretch?

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