Video information resources - for parents/carers and Adult TOFs!

TOFS organises events for members so that they may share information, talk to medical professionals and share experiences with other families and Adult TOFs.  Time and logistics are just two of the factors that make it difficult for everyone to attend, and with members in over 55 countries it would be impossible to make one event suit all!

Ideally, we'd like the entire OA/TOF community to benefit from the information that's shared at these events, so, in addition to producing reports in our members-only newsletter, Chew, in more recent times, we have budgeted to have sessions videoed for those who are unable to attend. This certainly doesn't replicate the benefits of meeting fellow members first-hand, but hopefully it might help with information-gathering.

Scroll down for links to these videos, along with others that should help the OA/TOF community.  Some of the conference/seminar videos are quite lengthy, but worth watching.  We are so grateful to the esteemed medical professionals who give their time freely, especially when, to enable membership to attend, most of our events take place over weekends.

Have a watch - and let us know what you think!


New to the world of OA/TOF?

This seven-minute animation is a comforting and easily followed introduction to OA/TOF.  A must-watch if you're expecting and have had a likely OA/TOF diagnosis, or if your little one has recently been born.
Watch our easy-to-understand introduction to OA/TOF
23rd March 2019

TOFS Awareness

We produce and share videos that help spread awareness of the OA/TOF condition.

Introducing the Class of 2021
10th September 2021
2021 TOFS Awareness Week
15th March 2021

Q&A Sessions

In our OA/TOF Q&A sessions, we put your questions direct to the experts. 

Managing Reflux, Strictures and Associated Procedures
14th September 2020
Feeding and Nutrition Q&A for OA/TOF Children
13th July 2020

TOFS Conference 2019

The TOFS Conference was the highlight of our 2019 calendar, featuring some fantastic and hugely informative presentations from some of the country's leading Healthcare professionals with a specific interest in OA/TOF.

The 2019 Conference was held at The Engine Rooms at Birchwood Park in Warrington, full presentations from the day can be viewed below.

Caroline Gainsbury - ‘Key outcomes from 2019 International medical conference on OA in Rome’
5th October 2019
Diane Stephens - TOFS: the next phase
5th October 2019
Dr Charles Shaw-Smith - ‘Causes of OA/TOF, including the role of twins’
5th October 2019
Dr Kamran Ahmed - ‘How Adult TOFs can get the best care from their GP’
5th October 2019
Dr Omendra Narayan - ‘Managing respiratory problems in children with TOF’
5th October 2019
Mr Ewen Griffiths - ‘Treatments for GI problems experienced by TOF/OA Adults’
5th October 2019
Mr Matthew Jones - 'Specialisation in OA surgery'
5th October 2019
Mr Nick Lansdale - ‘Impact of TOF/OA as children grow’
5th October 2019
The Psychological Well-being of Adults Born with OA
5th October 2019

Wearing Two Hats at Bath

An introduction to Patient and Public Involvement in research (PPI) and the work of Dr Vuokko Wallace (University of Bath) together with TOFS.

Wearing Two Hats at Bath
10th June 2021

Upper GI complications of OA/TOF in adulthood

Consultant Gastroenterologist, Dr Bernard Stacey MD FRCP, from University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, speaks to a group of Hampshire's local General Practitioners (GPs) about tracheo-oesophageal fistula and oesophageal atresia.
Long-term GI Complications by Dr Bernard Stacey MD FRCP
31st January 2019

Adult TOF Seminar 2018

We are delighted to have organised the world's biggest gathering of Adult TOFs in London in June 2018.  They gathered with their partners and family members to hear from four expert speakers - and to demonstrate that Adult TOFs would like something done, please, to improve their healthcare situation.  

Watch the presentations here now.

Prevalence of Barrett’s Oesophagus and Oesophageal Cancers
21st August 2018
Prof does TOF Cough
21st August 2018
Treatments for Barrett's Oesophagus and Oesophageal Cancer, and other GI problems
21st August 2018

The TOFS Family Conference 2018

The TOFS family conference is often the highlight in the TOFS' calendar - and 2018 was no exception.  It's an occasion for TOF families to get together and share experiences, and for healthcare practitioners to get involved with TOFS and talk about the TOF condition.  

The 2018 event was held in the Holiday Inn, Coventry.  Have a watch and tell us what you think.  In 2019, we will have a conference for families and Adult TOFs.  Click here for full information and booking details.

Dr Harriet Tucker
13th October 2018
Dr Kamran Ahmed G.P.
13th October 2018
Dr Satish Rao
13th October 2018
Graham Slater
13th October 2018
Mr Tony Lander
13th October 2018
Mrs Julia Faulkner
13th October 2018
Dr Charles Shaw-Smith
13th October 2018

TOFS Conference 2017

The 2017 TOFS conference was held at the Holiday Inn Luton-South on 14 October 2017. We had 150 delegates in attendance, listening to talks by eight leading specialists in the fields of Oesophageal Atresia and Tracheo-Oesophageal Fistula.

Dr Vuokko Wallace - Psychological impact of rare medical conditions
14th October 2017
Mr Nick Maynard - Reflux, Barrett's and other GI problems in adulthood
14th October 2017

TOFS Conference 2016

The TOFS Conference took place in Leeds on the 14th May.

Feeding the TOF Child
14th May 2016
OA TOF: Moving from Child to Adult Care
14th May 2016
OA/TOF: Treatment for Early Eating and Feeding Disorders and Tube Weaning
14th May 2016
Respiratory Oesophageal Morbidity in Adults with Oesophageal Atresia
14th May 2016
Survival of Babies with Oesophageal Atresia
14th May 2016
The Past, Present and Future of MDT OA TOF Clinics
14th May 2016
What are the Causes of TOF/OA?
14th May 2016
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