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Play the TOFS charity lottery

TOFS is delighted to have teamed up with Your Charity Lottery to give our members a chance to win one of 81 weekly prizes, whilst raising much needed funds for the charity!

Working with Your Charity Lottery allows TOFS to offer our members the opportunity to win fantastic cash prizes, whilst providing invaluable funds for the charity, without the financial cost involved with additional systems and staff to run it ourselves. YCL is fully regulated, ensuring that you can get involved safely!

We researched a number of lottery platform providers and chose Your Charity Lottery as they are part of a charity themselves. TOFS shall receive a high % of each chance played and the pooled prize fund offers TOFS players access to large prizes from the start.

For each £1 ticket sold, 55% will go to TOFS which will make a big difference and allow us to continue to provide support to our members. The rest goes in to the prize fund pot and to Your Charity Lottery administration costs.

If you choose to sign up for the annual direct debit plan (just £1 a week) you will also receive the exclusive TOFS branded Lotte the Lottery Bear, which will not be available anywhere else!

Frequently Asked Questions for Your Charity Lottery for TOFS

TOFS is a beneficiary of Your Charity Lottery who run, administer and pay out the pooled prize fund to the winners.

UK citizens over 18 years old with a UK bank account can play

Use the link below, which will take you to the TOFS page on Your Charity  Lottery. Have a read of the information (and the special gift if you set up
an annual direct debit ). Once happy, click ‘play today by direct debit’ and complete the form.

Please note that the operator of this lottery is not TOFS but is Your Charity Lottery.

The weekly prize fund currently stands at £2000:

  • 1 x £1000 prize
  • 80 x £10 prizes
  • £200 goes towards the jackpot prize which can rollover each week until it must be won when it hits £10,000!

All of the players of the Your Charity Lottery, whichever charity they are supporting, have the same chance of winning.

As of January 2021, the odds of winning one of the prizes on average is approximately 1:233. The odds will increase as more players join.

When you sign up for an annual direct debit (£52), you will automatically receive the bear. The gift is not available on any other subscription.

Payments are taken by direct debit which costs the following for 1 line per week:

  • Monthly £5
  • Quarterly £13
  • Half yearly £26
  • Yearly £52 (don’t forget you get the TOFS branded Lotte the lottery teddy if you sign up for an annual direct debit).

There is also the option to add an additional donation to TOFS when signing up by direct debit.

If you would like to play single games or additional games (especially on the week the jackpot must be won) call Your Charity Lottery on 0330 330 1500 and they will be happy to take payment over the phone.

No. Lotteries are heavily regulated and it is no longer legal to pay by credit card.

There is a maximum of 5 lines per player in any one draw to enable Your Charity Lottery to be responsible in their fundraising.

Once you know the date your first direct debit is taken (see your email confirmation) call Your Charity Lottery on 0330 330 1500 and they will take an additional payment from you for the weeks leading up to your first direct debit.

Yes, head on over the Your Charity Lottery site to buy your single tickets. Don’t forget to choose TOFS as your Charity Beneficiary.

The latest time you can call to buy extra tickets is midday on a Thursday, to ensure the payment clears for the draw the following day. Call Your Charity Lottery on 0330 330 1500 to purchase your tickets.

There is no option to pick your own numbers. On your welcome letter you will receive unique randomly selected draw number(s) created by approved and appropriately tested secure computer software.

If you have won, you will be notified by post within 7 – 10 days of the draw and the cheque will be included.

Draws are weekly on a Friday and the results are also published on the website

If you have won, you will be notified by post within 7-10 days of the draw and the cheque will be included.

What a wonderful thing to do! Thank you!

Please call Your Charity Lottery on 0330 330 1500 or fill in their online form. They will cancel your cheque and send the money direct to TOFS.

Your Charity Lottery is a trading subsidiary of a UK Hospice Charity, namely Dove House Hospice of Hull, an £11mp.a. turnover charity. The hospice’s in-house lottery team was operating a lottery for its own purposes only for several years and it opened this up to invite other charities to benefit from the team’s expertise.

There are now nearly 20 charities of various types signed up to introduce players to YCL and to benefit by receiving a high % of their player’s weekly spend.

Dove House is a registered charity which produces annual reports for its several regulators: Charity Commission; Companies House; Care Quality Commission; Fundraising regulator; Gambling Commission.

Dove House is also the headquarters of the Hospice Lotteries Association, a network of over 100 lotteries that fund hospices in the UK.

In our research stage, we looked at the possibility of the TOFS office running a lottery, which
turned out likely to be costly with the systems and additional staff to run.
The complication here is that ongoing lotteries are heavily regulated for all kinds of good reasons, and the operators of a lottery have to comply with a lot of rules.

There was also the risk of income from the lottery not covering outgoings which would result in a loss. We researched a number of lottery platform providers and chose Your Charity Lottery as they are a charity themselves, we receive a higher % of each chance played along with a pooled prize fund, which allows higher pay-outs with no risk to TOFS.

TOFS has formed a relationship and will remain to work closely with Your Charity Lottery.

TOFS will receive 55% from each £1 chance. The remainder will go towards the prize fund and administration of running the lottery.

TOFS did considerable research before choosing YCL. Most providers offered 50% or lower. In comparison, the National Lottery gives 25% of money spent on lottery tickets to good causes (ref from January2021).

Having a lottery for our charity is great way for us to receive a regular income. It also gives TOFS members, their families, friends or anyone else the ability to support TOFS on a regular basis as well as having a chance to receive something back in return.

It also gives those who cannot fundraise in other ways such as a sporting activity, the opportunity to contribute. Playing Your Charity Lottery to benefit TOFS is voluntary and YCL acts so as to encourage responsible gambling.

More information on being gamble aware can be found here

Call Your Charity Lottery on 0330 330 1500 or fill in their online form and someone will be in contact with you.

Call Your Charity Lottery on 0330 330 1500 and they will assist you. You can also cancel your direct debit with your bank and Your Charity Lottery will follow up with a call once they are notified.

Your Charity Lottery promise to comply with all Data Protection requirements and to protect your personal data as well as storing bank details securely. You can read the Your Charity Lottery privacy policy here:

Your details will only be shared with TOFS if you consent when joining. You can view the TOFS privacy statement at

We are sorry to hear you are not happy with the services provided. Please contact
Your Charity Lottery to raise your complaint on 0330 330 1500 or email

We would also like to stay close to your complaint, so please keep us updated along the way on

Payments to Your charity Lottery may appear on you bank statement as to “North Humberside Hospice Project” or  “Your Charity Lottery Subscription”.

If you’ve paid for the lottery a year upfront by annual direct debit or over the phone by debit card, Lotte the bear will be with you shortly. Depending on when your first payment is taken (it can take up to 6 weeks for your first direct debit to be taken – the date is confirmed on your welcome letter).

It’ll then be time for Lotte to make their way to their new home, which is usually within 30 days after that first payment comes out.