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Video: My Lived Experience with Anorectal Malformation (ARM)

We’ve just added a new presentation to our ever growing OA/TOF video library.

You may remember that at our recent interactive adult OA/TOF virtual seminar we were fortunate to be able to share Greg Ryan’s story.

Greg was born with ARM (Anorectal Malformation) and is the founder of the ONE in 5000 Foundation – a dedicated resource for the Imperforate Anus (IA) / Anorectal Malformation (ARM) community.

Unfortunately, due to illness, Greg was unable to attend the seminar. Thankfully Kate Tyler, who was herself born with ARM, was able to step in to share Greg’s story and add her own experiences to it. 

For more information about Imperforate Anus (IA) / AnoRectal Malformation (ARM) please visit: or the VACTERL section of our Adult OA/TOF Management Handbook 

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