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Watch our latest video from adults born with OA/TOF

Thank you to the members of our adult OA/TOF community for sharing their experiences and telling their stories.

Discover what it is like to be an adult who was unable to swallow.

OA/TOF is not just a childhood condition, in October 2021, TOFS published a position paper entitled: “Towards a Holistic Model for the treatment of those born with Oesophageal Atresia (OA) from diagnosis to transition and adult care”. This paper calls for the provision of centralised services to enable children and adults to achieve the highest standard of care.

A full reference guide, “The Adult OA/TOF Management Handbook” is available for health professionals treating adults born with OA/TOF.

If you would like support or advice on matters concerning OA/TOF, please contact TOFS.

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