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Gastro issues faced children born with OA/TOF

TOFS were joined by Dr Osvaldo Borrelli, MD PhD (Head of Clinical Service – Speciality Lead and Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital) for our Q&A session. This session focussed on gastro issues that children born with OA/TOF may face. 

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02:20 Is there much that can be done about dysmotility? Or is it something our children have to learn to live with?

03:46 My 2 year old gets thicker food stuck and regurgitates it. Do you have any advice for this?

05:14 Is it typical for teenagers to begin experiencing further problems linked to poor oesophageal muscle function / reflux?

07:12 Do you have any advice for a 15 year old with an oesophageal shelf at the site of their join?

08:46 My son is 3 and has never had any reflux issues. How do I know there is no damage being created in the lower part of his oesophagus?

11:13 Do some foods exacerbate reflux more than others, particularly at bedtime?

12:52 Any advice for an OA/TOF child with a cough that can impact their breathing?

14:26 Is sleeping on a sloping bed useful?

15:18 Is Barrett’s Oesophagus more common in OA/TOF and what are the symptoms?

17:50 Could reflux be causing dental issues with a child’s milk?

19:56 Is there an impact on weight gain with a Nissen Fundoplication?

23:16 What are the long term effects of Omeprazole and PPI’s?

27:28 Can Omeprazole make my child gassy?

29:02 What are the long term side effects of H2 blockers like Famotidine?

31:19 Can long-term intake of a proton pump inhibitors lead to issues in the gut?

33:21 What does the current research show for OA/TOFs about preventative antacid use?

36:29 Can giving a child viscous budesonide have negative effects?

40:36 What other alternatives are there for treating chest infections other than antibiotics?

43:03 Do you have any advice for a 4 year old OA/TOF who is struggling with weight gain?

46:29 Is there a reason why a child can become dairy intolerant after recovering from episodes of diarrhoea?

48:49 Is there any connection with a bowel malrotation, and TOF/VACTERL association?

49:32 Is there any medication to help a child born with a imperforate anus to potty train?

51:36 What is the best age to do a PH impedance study?

52:30 Can PPIs cause chest infections?

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