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Managing Reflux, Strictures and Associated Procedures

Welcome to the “Managing Reflux, Strictures and Associated Procedures” Q&A session with Prof. Fullarton, Associate Professor of Surgery and Consultant Surgeon at University of Glasgow and Glasgow Royal Infirmary and Dr Lindley, Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist at UCL Institute of Child Health and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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Please note: this Q&A was recorded via Zoom and we did have a few technical issues. However, we feel that the information covered is highly relevant and should be available to our audience.

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00:14 Should my daughter be weaned off Omeprazole and can reflux come back again if she is taken off the medication altogether?

03:57 My daughter is 13 months now and on 3/4 of a tablet of Lansoprazole. Do I just keep increasing the dose alongside her weight or try and wean her off the medication? She went onto the medication originally due to being diagnosed with silent reflux when she was 6 months old.

07:21 What do you look for when deciding a patient should stop taking Omeprazole? What would you look for in a silent reflux case, when deciding to start the Omeprazole again?

10:25 Is Erythromycin a useful drug for someone with Barrett’s Oesophagus?

13:06 For someone with Barrett’s when is the best time to take PPI?

14:45 I started Omeprazole 20mg back in about 1999. On further advice in 2011 this was increased to 80mgs a day with the addition of Ranitidine and Metoclopramide. I am now in my early 70s, is it alright to continue this for life as it works so well?

16:04 Is there any medication which particularly helps dysmotility?

23:26 How can I tell what is a stricture and what is dysmotility?

30:02 How will I know if you TOF needs a stretch?

34:04 At what point should an adult TOF be speaking to a doctor about reflux that they are experiencing?

37:16 Are adult TOFs at risk of developing Barrett’s Oesophagus? Would taking supplements help?

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